Spring 2023

Code Name Instructors Location Meeting times
MPCS 55005-1 Advanced Algorithms
MPCS 51045-1 Advanced C++ Michael Spertus
MPCS 52018-1 Advanced Computer Architecture Andrew Siegel
MPCS 51032-1 Advanced iOS
MPCS 56520-1 Advanced Security Topics Shelley Rossell
MPCS 59998-1 Advanced UI/UX
MPCS 55001-1 Algorithms
MPCS 53120-1 Applied Data Analysis
MPCS 51220-1 Applied Software Engineering Peter Vassilatos
MPCS 51083-1 Cloud Computing
MPCS 51083-2 Cloud Computing
MPCS 52040-1 Distributed Systems Kyle Chard
MPCS 51400-1 Functional Programming Matthew Francis Teichman
MPCS 51260-1 Human-Computer Interaction
MPCS 52011-1 Introduction to Computer Systems Marty Billingsley
MPCS 56430-1 Introduction to Scientific Computing
MPCS 53111-1 Machine Learning Amitabh Chaudhary
MPCS 51039-1 Mobile Software Development Chelsea Troy
MPCS 51050-1 OO Architecture: Patterns, Technologies, Implementations Mark Shacklette
MPCS 52060-1 Parallel Programming Lamont Kenneth Samuels
MPCS 52553-1 Web Development
MPCS 52553-2 Web Development Rafi Almhana