Introduction to Computer Security

Title Introduction to Computer Security (56511)
Quarter Summer 2019
Instructor William Conner (



This course introduces computer security principles and practices. Topics will range from classical cryptography to recent web application security risks listed in the OWASP Top 10. The course will emphasize both offense (i.e., attacker mindset) and defense (i.e., designing and building secure systems).


  • ●  Threat modeling

  • ●  Cryptography

  • ●  TLS and HTTPS

  • ●  Web application security

  • ●  Network security

  • ●  Authentication and access control

  • ●  Memory safety and isolation

  • ●  Trusted computing

  • ●  Anonymity and web privacy

  • ●  Human factors

  • ●  Security ethics

  • ●  Cryptographic policy

  1. Coursework

    • ●  homework assignments

    • ●  programming projects

    • ●  midterm and final exam

  2. Textbook

    There is no required textbook for this course, but some optional readings will be recommended from the following textbook.

    Computer Security: Art and Science, 2nd Ed. by Matt Bishop

    NOTE: Although it was written over 15 years ago, the first edition of the textbook should also be fine.

Prerequisites (Courses)

● Core programming (required)
● Introduction to Computer Systems (recommended, but not required)

Prerequisites (Other)

● Familiarity with C, Java, and/or Python (required)
● Familiarity with Linux command line (recommended, but not required)


Core Systems


Wednesday 5:30-8:30 PM


JCL 298