Backends for Mobile Applications

Title Backends for Mobile Applications (51033)
Quarter Autumn 2019
Instructor Thomas Binkowski (

This syllabus is from a past offering of the class, and is subject to change

Course Description
The breakneck adoption of mobile computing as a platform has transformed how businesses and users interact with their data.  The expectations of being able to access your data anywhere and anytime has become the second pillar of mobile application design and development.  New models, patterns and workflows are needed to connect applications to their server based data.  In addition, other considerations such as privacy, scalability and cost must be balanced to meet the demands of all application stakeholders.
Course Content
This course will explore the current state of backend solutions for mobile applications.  Students will work with third-party solutions such as Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and iCloud.  Students will design and implement custom solutions hosted on cloud service providers with significant emphasis on API design and performance.  
This course will be assignment and project based and have no exams.  This course will assume you are proficient in developing a native mobile application.  Students should be willing to supplement their knowledge of iOS to support the development of their backend solution.  Classtime dedicated to developing the mobile applications will be extremely limited.  While the course is designed to be cross-platform, emphasis will be given to specific platform features that interact directly with backends (eg. push notifications).  
Prerequisites (Courses)

MPCS 51030 iOS Application Development

Prerequisites (Other)

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Mobile Computing Specialization (


Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm


JCL 011