2018-2019 Courses

Summer 2018

Number Title Instructor
50101 Concepts of Programming Adam Shaw
56600 Introduction to Blockchain Mark Shacklette
50103 Mathematics for Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics Geraldine Brady
53113 Natural Language Processing Amitabh Chaudhary
58001 Numerical Methods Andrew Siegel

Autumn 2018

Number Title Instructor
53112 Advanced Data Analytics Amitabh Chaudhary
51100 Advanced Programming Andrew Siegel
55001-1 Algorithms (Section 1) Geraldine Brady
55001-2 Algorithms (Section 2) Amitabh Chaudhary
53013 Big Data Michael Spertus
51300 Compilers Hal Finkel
51040 C Programming Dries Kimpe
53001-1 Databases (Section 1) Zachary Freeman
53001-2 Databases (Section 2) Zachary Freeman
52011-1 Introduction to Computer Systems (Section 1) Kevin Marcus Krafthefer
52011-2 Introduction to Computer Systems (Section 2) Marty Billingsley
51036 Java Programming Adam Gerber
50103 Mathematics for Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics Geraldine Brady
52060 Parallel Programming Lamont Kenneth Samuels
51240 Product Management Vasilios Vasiliadis
51042-1 Python Programming (Section 1) Ronald Rahaman
51042-2 Python Programming (Section 2) Lamont Kenneth Samuels
51205 Topics in Software Engineering Mark Shacklette
51230 User Interface and User Experience Design Nicholas Marc Paredes

Winter 2019

Number Title Instructor
55001 Algorithms Geraldine Brady
51044 C++ for Advanced Programmers Michael Spertus
52010 Computer Architecture Andrew Siegel
50101 Concepts of Programming Thomas Binkowski
51250 Entrepreneurship in Technology Dylan Hall
53110 Foundations of Computational Data Analysis Amitabh Chaudhary
51400 Functional Programming Lamont Kenneth Samuels
52011 Introduction to Computer Systems TBD
51200 Introduction to Software Engineering Peter Vassilatos
50103 Mathematics for Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics Geraldine Brady
54001 Networks William Conner
51410 Object Oriented Programming Mark Shacklette
52553 Web Development Jeffrey Cohen

Spring 2019

Number Title Instructor
51045 Advanced C++ Michael Spertus
55001 Algorithms Geraldine Brady
51031 Android App Development Adam Gerber
53120 Applied Data Analysis TBD
51220 Applied Software Engineering Jeffrey Cohen
56420 Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists Thomas Binkowski
51083 Cloud Computing Vasilios Vasiliadis
51300 Compilers Hal Finkel
56515 Computer and Network Security Arlene Yetnikoff
51040 C Programming Dries Kimpe
53001 Databases Zachary Freeman
53111 Machine Learning Amitabh Chaudhary
54001 Networks TBD
51050 OO Architecture: Patterns, Technologies, Implementations Mark Shacklette
52030 Operating Systems TBD
51042 Python Programming Paul Kollath Romano
58020 Time Series Analysis and Stochastic Processes Andrew Siegel