Foundations of Computational Data Analysis

Title Foundations of Computational Data Analysis (53110)
Quarter Winter 2018
Instructor Amitabh Chaudhary (


Foundations of Computational Data Analysis covers mathematical prerequisites for the Data Analytics Specialization courses in machine learning, and large-scale data analytics (MPCS 53111 and 53112):  basic statistics and linear algebra.  Topics in statistics include discrete and continuous random variables, discrete and continuous probability distributions, variance, covariance, correlation, sampling and distribution of the mean and standard deviation of a sample, central limit theorem, confidence intervals, maximum likelihood estimators, and hypothesis testing.  Topics in linear algebra include Gaussian elimination, matrix transpose and matrix inverse, eigenvectors and eigenvalues, and singular value decompositions.  The languages Python and R will be used for implementation, analysis, and visualization.

Prerequisites (Courses)

MPCS 50101 Math for Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics
MPCS 55001 Algorithms
MPCS 51042 Python Programming (or Programming core requirement with prior knowledge of Python)

In all the above courses a grade of B+ or above is required. Please contact the instructor if you have, instead, equivalent courses or experience, or meet most but not all of the requirements.

Prerequisites (Other)

Core Programming; Univariate Calculus and Basic Multivariate Calculus (double integrals, partial derivatives).


Data Analytics Specialization


Tuesday 5:30-8:30 pm


Ryerson 251