Spring 2018 Courses

All non-MPCS students must meet the course prerequisites and complete the MPCS course request form for approval to register.

Requests must be submitted by the last day of the registration period. Late requests will not be approved.

MPCS students may take up to two (2) courses from outside the program course offerings and have them count toward their degree requirements as electives — MPCS Student Course Request Form

Number Title Instructor Time Location
51045 Advanced C++ Michael Spertus Saturday 10am-1pm Ryerson 277
51032 Advanced iOS Thomas Binkowski Monday 5:30-8:30 pm Campus North Residence Commons 154
55001 Algorithms Geraldine Brady Thursday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 251
51031 Android App Development Adam Gerber Thursday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 277
53120 Applied Data Analysis Anoop Mayampurath Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 277
51220 Applied Software Engineering Jeffrey Cohen Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm Young 302
56420 Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists Thomas Binkowski Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm Campus North Residence Commons 154
51083 Cloud Computing Vasilios Vasiliadis Monday 5:30-8:30 pm Ryerson 251
56515 Computer and Network Security Arlene Yetnikoff Saturday 9:00am-12pm Young 106
51040 C Programming Dries Kimpe Monday 5:30-8:30 pm Ryerson 276
53001 Databases Nicholas Ryan Flees Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 277
51400 Functional Programming Lamont Kenneth Samuels Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 251
51087 High Performance Computing Andrew Siegel Monday 5:30-8:30pm Young 302
53111 Machine Learning Amitabh Chaudhary Friday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 251
51050 OO Architecture: Patterns, Technologies, Implementations Mark Shacklette Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm Young 302
52030 Operating Systems Shan Lu Wednesday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 251
51042 Python Programming Paul Kollath Romano Monday 5:30-8:30pm Ryerson 277