Product Management

Title Product Management (51240)
Quarter Autumn 2017
Instructor Vasilios Vasiliadis, Computation Institute, University of Chicago (


Product management is a cross-disciplinary endeavor that sits at the intrersection of software engineering, marketing, and the user experience. Product managers are expected to create products in support of business objectives, ensuring that products deliver value to customers and are feasible to build within varying sets of constraints. In this course we will introduce the role of the product manager and demonstrate the challenges faced by product managers. We will explore approaches for managing the tension that exists between software development and product delivery using the minimum viable product and the product roadmap as critical tools.

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Prerequisites (Courses)

Core Programming

Prerequisites (Other)

This course assumes no prior knowledge of product management concepts or specific technologies. However, you may find some of the material easier to put into perspective if you're familiar with software design patterns, or have taken one of the other software engineering courses offered in the MPCS.


Software Engineering Specialization


Thursday 5:30-8:30 pm


Young 106