Game Construction

Title Game Construction (53800)
Quarter Spring 2017
Instructor John H. Reppy (

Computer games are one of the most exciting applications of computer technology. They also are large software systems that embody cutting-edge graphics, as well as techniques from AI, scientific simulation, networking, and databases. This course introduces the student to the basic algorithms and techniques used in computer-game construction. Students work in teams to design and create games using existing libraries for graphics, physics simulation, and so forth.
Note: This class is cross-listed with CMSC 23800 and is a mixed undergraduate/graduate class. The time of the class cannot be changed.
Prerequisites (Courses)

Core Programming and at least two Core Systems classes.

Prerequisites (Other)

Strong background in programming and expertise in at least 2 technical areas underlying computer games (e.g., AI, graphics, scientific computing, networking)

In theory, the class can be completed in any language, but most students have used C or C++ in the past.




Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:20 pm


Ryerson 276